We believe in self-respect, resiliency and integrity.

We’re here to see a world where women deeply respect themselves and are proud of who they are on all levels. Where women get that uniquenesses are to be celebrated, not changed.

We believe that we can do hard things. That regardless of where we’ve been, or what we’re going through, we can get through. And that we’ll come out stronger, and braver.

As a company, we behave in alignment with our beliefs. Acting upon our beliefs is what creates change, and it’s something we take pride in doing.

We're here for change, and we're here for all of it.


We are starting a global movement at Miami Swim Week this year with our new swimwear collection; The Nude Collection. The lack of accommodation surrounding the word nude in the fashion industry is problematic. You will generally see the word Nude in a shade of light beiges - a nude for only a portion of the population. So to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, we have created The Nude Collection.

The intention behind the Nude Collection was to bring light to ALL nude colors, accommodating ALL people. This collection has 8 different nude colors, which we will continue to add more nude tones to this collection over the next 10 years.

This is more than just the launch of a new collection; this is the start of what will be the start of inclusivity to the word nude. Rather than people assuming nude is only one shade, we are here to teach that actually, there are HUNDREDS, if not more, shades of nude.