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Episode 1. 

Below we have attached our very first episode, with a little introduction of who I am, what we do at Kaio Swim. To finish off, I gave you my 5 best tips to picking swimwear to best suit/flatter your body type!

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Episode 2. 

Our second ever podcast for Kaio Swim, thank you for joining us! In this episode, we answer the 7 most asked questions about our brand! 

We dive deep into how we started, why we do what we do, and the struggle of starting a business while completing year 12, in high school. 

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Episode 3. 

Available on Thursday 7 May, 2020. We have got Savannah Rose, from Savannah Rose Makeup Artistry and Savannah Rose Cosmetics, on our podcast this week, where she answers 6 never answered before, questions from our followers. 

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